Let's Make A Movie! by David Gordon Green & Onur Tukel

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Lights! Camera! Action! Join a gang of ambitious kids as they embark on the adventure of a lifetime—making a movie! But this isn’t any movie. It’s the greatest movie of all time, The Ninjas Fight the Killer Sharks at Bikini Beach! It’s going to take a lot of moxie to pull this off, but these kids are ready. As they go through the process of raising money, writing the script, and shooting the picture, they face many obstacles. There's bad weather, equipment problems, unruly crew members, and a director who might be losing his mind! Will they complete the movie? Nobody said it was going to be easy! But these kids are about to learn the greatest lesson of all! NEVER GIVE UP!

48 Page Hard Cover Children's Book

Reading Age 3+

Written and Illustrated by David Gordon Green & Onur Tukel

Published by Imp Works, an imprint of Pitchstone Publishing

In association with Rough House Academy


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